Use your hybrid car to power your neighborhood

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Something that never occurred to me…using your hybrid car to feed power back into the power grid. Willett Kempton suggests that we can use our hybrid cars during the day to help smooth out spikes in the demand for power.

Kempton parks a plug-in Toyota Scion in his garage that can discharge 19 kilowatts of power from its battery. The average house uses 1.5 kilowatts. “When I run it backwards at full power,” says Kempton, “I’m running my whole block,” or he would be if the system were up and operating.

I like the idea in theory, but I don’t know how practical is really is. It also seems that the car makers and utilities themselves aren’t really fond of the idea. But then again, when are they ever fond of a new idea? 🙂

Kempton argues that:

Driver patterns are predictable, and motorists could control when utilities tapped their car for power, making sure they wouldn’t be stranded. As for battery usage, Kempton says that initially utilities would need only tiny bursts of power to balance cycles for a minute or two, so there would be no need to fully discharge the car’s battery…

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