Coda Electric Vehicles

Have You Seen the CODA?

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I was watching the Science Channel’s special “Powering the Future” and they had a segment on the CODA car company. It looks like it might be a nice alternative to the hybrids out there and even the Chevy Volt (in case you’re not a fan of Chevy).

The CODA also has some nice specs going for it:

  • Up to 120 mile range.
  • 8yr / 100K Battery Warranty | 3yr / 36K Vehicle Warranty
  • 6 hr charge time
  • See more here

While it may not look as flashy as a lot of the green cars out there, that’s not the point. It gets the job done and does so cost effectively. That’s what we need. I’m not thrilled about a good bit of it being built in China though. Hopefully they can make more and more of the car here in the States in the near future.

Visit the CODA car company website for more info.