Pulstar Sparkplugs – Better gas mileage…but at a cost.

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I’m flipping through the latest issue of Pop Sci (a favorite I might add) and I ran across an interesting full page ad. No it’s not one of those ads in the back of the mag promising better stiffies, more hair on the top my melon (I’m making bald look cool, thank you very much) or some other “miracle product”. Nope just an ad for a little ‘ol spark plug – the Pulstar™ spark plug.

It looks like a new kind of plug, at least to me. They say it uses a capacitor to control the sparking better than conventional plugs.

© Enerpulse Incorporated
Image © Enerpulse Incorporated

Looks pretty cool and they’re claiming a pretty nice looking increase in gas mileage and an increase in performance. I started thinking to myself, “Hey self, why don’t we give those a try next time we change the plugs on the familymobile?” I went to Autozone & JC Whitney’s websites to find out how much they might run.

Are you sitting down?

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You might want to… According to JC Whitney’s website for my vehicle they’re retailing for $24.95 EACH! Holy crap. Even on a little four-banger that’s $100 in plugs. Damn those puppies better do a lot more than just ignition. 😉

Um yeah, I might be waiting a little while till I replace the current plugs…quite a while.

It nice to know they exist but I might have to pass on these for now. 🙂