LEGO Lord of the Rings set

LEGO to make LOTR and Hobbit toys

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Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The LEGO Group announced on December 16, 2011 their partnership to produce LEGO toys based upon the Lord of the Rings franchise and the upcoming Hobbit movies. Look for the toys to hit the shelves around June 2012. Read more from the official press release.   Related articles Lego locks in ‘Lord of the …

LEGO robot that solves Rubik’s Cube puzzle

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Here’s an article detailing how a dedicated fan built a robot out of LEGO Mindstorm parts that solves 3x3x3 Rubik cubes. Technorati Tags: LEGO, mindstorm, rubik, cube, solve, automated Powered by ScribeFire. Und das ist das Wichtigste, was ein Spieler über ein faires Spiel wissen sollte, um erfolgreicher in der Wirklichkeit free poker online zu können.