New Trek movie rumored to be in the works

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Boldly go...
There’s rumors floating about the net about the timeframe for the next Trek. This article from TrekToday covers Bermen’s comments about the movie and the cancellation of Enterprise.

“Star Trek franchise head Rick Berman recently made the first mention of a possible timeframe for the next Trek feature film, saying fans shouldn’t expect a movie in the very near future.

“I think that if this film is made it certainly won’t get finished in the next year,” Berman told Ian Spelling, for the British Star Trek Magazine (via the Sci-Fi Pulse). And although Berman didn’t specify exactly when a new Trek movie could arrive in theatres, he did hint at what timeframe he would personally like to be aiming for. “If it gets done in two years or three years I think that timeframe for a new, fresh feature with a whole different outlook would be fine.”