Coke’s new Vault drink

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coca cola's vault drink So I stopped off to get some gas today and noticed a new drink at the quickie-mart: Coca-Cola’s Vault. According to Coke’s website, it’s being tested in certain markets.The label says: “Drinks like a soda, kicks like an energy drink™” and it has a sharp citrus flavor to it. It definitely “kicks”.Well, I took my first swig, and I wasn’t too impressed. Then again, I took a swig when I was chewing gum. So I tried it a bit later without the gum and it tasted real familiar…BAM! it hit me. This stuff tasted like my old beloved drink for late nighters: Surge.

Could my old favorite be back? Only this time, it’s back with a different name… Pick up a bottle and see for yourself. I’m curious as to who else out there thinks Vault tastes like Surge.

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