Coca-Cola’s new Vault: Red Blitz

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Coca-Cola's new Vault Red Blitz Energy Drink

Some of you may have read my previous post about Coke’s Vault energy drink. Many Surge drinkers have (myself included) have suggested that Vault is simply a repackaged Surge.

Well, the other day I was leaving a quickie-mart and noticed the new Vault – Red Blitz. Over the last couple of months I’ve kinda lost my taste for the regular Vault, but hey, it’s a new red drink. And after all, red is my favorite flavor. 😛 mmmmmm….red…..

I’m pretty sure this is Coke’s response to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew Code Red. I’m not a big fan of Code Red though. I love the Mountain Dew (out of the necessity of lots of sugar and caffeine in the morning). But, I gotta say, I really like the new Red Blitz. It has a very strawberry flavor with a hint of cherry. Normally, I don’t like strawberry drinks, but this one is good. It’s very sweet though. So unless you having a raging sweet tooth like me, you might find it a bit too much. But hey, it is an “energy drink” lol.

As for it’s energy boost, it seems to pack as much as the regular vault. But then again I have so much Mountain Dew built up in my system, it’s hard for me to really judge a “regular” energy drink’s buzz factor. :mrgreen: Overall, unless I burn myself out on it, I think I’d rather have a Red Blitz than a Dew. Blasphemy, I know lol.

I give the new Vault – Red Blitz a 4 out of 5.