How a Democracy Becomes a Dictatorship – And How You Can Stop It

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”
George Santayana (1905)
If you think political hate rhetoric isn’t dangerous, I’d like to show you something we may have forgotten – or worse were never taught in school. WAIT! Before you click away, humor me and finish this article – you might learn something and it might make you a better human being…


Germany was a democracy before Hitler’s rise.

By exploiting a depressed society’s fears and distrust, Hitler and the Nazi party were able to manipulate a large portion of the German population to do their bidding – including murdering over 11-16,000,000 of its own people. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of Georgia or Ohio or Michigan.


Exterminated because of hate. But how? Watch below and see…

You’re smart (I hope)

I am going to assume that you are a normal, rational human being for the next part – so stick with me, I might open your eyes…


First off, Trump is NOT the next Hitler – that’s ridiculous and insulting to everyone in the discussion. But some of his points and agendas are dangerous. You have to admit that.

I have yet to find anyone who agrees with 100% of what he says & believes. But remember, politics can and has been used to exploit the fears and distrust of the populous to do horrible things. It’s a group thing – fueling the collective fears and anger of a group.

Hitler didn’t do all the killing by himself – he had a political party and movement behind him. That’s where the real danger is. And Donald Trump is not going to do any killing – not even in New York city. But his speeches may encourage or incite others to.

One crazy guy spouting hate and bigotry generally isn’t dangerous – but a whole political party, group or movement is dangerous.

Fear and anger are dangerous tools to wield in politics.

You should always question those who are preaching fear and distrust.

America is not a place of hate.

It is a place of freedom for all. We pride ourselves in being the beacon of freedom in this world. Right?

But Freedom is only truly freedomstatue of liberty photo when it is available to everyone – equally. Otherwise it’s just a society of selective advantages – not true freedom. And that’s not what our founding fathers meant by “All men are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights” – Right?

When you discriminate against a group – for any reason – you are going against the very foundation of the thing you claim to treasure so much – freedom. Remember that.

When you withhold basic rights based upon another’s, religion, race, sex, sexual orientation or ANY reason, you are discriminating against another. Period.

It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are – if you discriminate against others, doesn’t that give them the right to discriminate against you? Discrimination can and does go both ways.

Hate fuels hate. And when has hate ever resulted in love or understanding? Never.

We’re not a perfect nation, history tells us that. Only a fool would argue we’re perfect. And you’re no fool, right?

But what does make us great is our ever forward push to try to do right, to try to be better to one another.

Greatness isn’t being – greatness is trying.

Any idiot can write anything

I wrote this and some of you probably think I’m an idiot. That’s ok. I do appreciate your decency to at least have read this far. That tells me you are probably a decent and empathetic person and not a sociopath. 🙂

But, there is a lot of bullshit and bold faced lies on the internet – entire websites and organizations exist to endorse, perpetuate and sell lies, fear and hate mongering solely for the for the purpose of financial and political power gains for their owners. Groups use the monikers of “freedom” and “patriot” to push agendas that would horrify not only our founders but should horrify normal, rational people like you. And yet these groups continue to grow…

Truth and facts have no “side” or agenda

That’s what differentiates facts and truth from opinion and rumors. You learned that as a child, remember. Simple stuff.

And just because one person or group says it’s a “fact” especially if they claim it on the internet – they better have reputable, reliable and proven sources. One single source of questionable reputation doesn’t count. Period.

Most importantly, just because a source says something that you don’t believe or agree with doesn’t mean they are wrong, “bought off” or part of “the Liberal/Conservative/etc” agenda.

Check their “facts” and if they are lying or their “sources” are questionable, call them on their bullshit. But don’t knee-jerk react just because the source of the idea isn’t coming from “your guys”. And if “your guys” perpetuate lies – it’s your responsibility to call them on it. Otherwise “your guys” are no better then “them”, right? Lies are lies.

Blocking out ideas and information from a differing viewpoint makes you more susceptible to manipulation and propaganda.


“Propaganda tries to force a doctrine on the whole people… Propaganda works on the general public from the standpoint of an idea and makes them ripe for the victory of this idea.”Adolf Hitler "Mein Kampf" (1926)

So always – always question the motivation of the source of your “news” and tweets and facebook shares when they push hate – of ANY kind.

Don’t let others try to scare you into fearing another group. They’re trying to use propaganda and manipulate you for their own personal gain.

And you’re smarter than that – right?