Has Your Congressman been Bought by Comcast, Verizon & AT&T?

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Well, it looks like we have a list of exactly who NOT to re-elect come next voting season.  SaveTheInternet.com has a list of 74 Democratic members of Congress who have just signed an industry-drafted letter (yes, re-read that, Congress didn’t even write the damn thing, they just signed it) urging the FCC to abandon efforts to protect Net Neutrality and promote universal broadband access. If you don’t know what Net Neutrality is, you better find out quick and get behind it unless you want your ‘net access to start sucking.

Make sure to read Will Dirty Politics Kill the Internet? – via SaveTheInternet.com

You guys ever wonder what the “Fury” in Geek Fury came from? This is the kinda shit that starts up my <FURY> mode. Simpleton, ignorant, and yet somehow powerful people who are making very important decisions about nothing about which they know. (Remember the “Internet is a series of tubes” remark by ‘ol Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)) Let’s face it, most of these members of Congress probably barely know how to e-mail, let alone can understand (or will take the time to) how very important Net Neutrality is to the future of a healthy democracy – no matter which side of the political party fence you sit upon.

Now I don’t wanna hear any political bullshit in the comments section. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat, Republican or whatever that votes against Net Neutrality, if they vote against it, they’re on my Shit List. Plain and simple.

I strongly suggest everyone who reads this go to the SaveTheInterent.com’s page listing all the Democratic members of Congress who signed this Industry-drafted letter to the FCC and you give them a piece of your mind. Especially if they’re your representative. This list above is just Democrats, but the Republicans are getting the same pressure. So let’s snap them out of it before they do the same damn foolish thing too.

Let’s show those bastards that this is still America – Where it’s By the People – For the People, and that we elected their sorry asses and we can vote them right back out. They better not underestimate the power of those “tubes”…