Read all the Enron e-mails you want

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Enron E-mails available to all
Want to know something cool and scary at the same time?You can read through hundreds of thousands of Enron employee and executive emails for free…A company called Inboxer, Inc. has set up a website ( to demostrate their software to help companies manage their email. They refer to it as an: “Outbound Content Compliance appliance, [that] helps you protect intellectual property, maintain customer data privacy, demonstrate compliance, and manage inappropriate employee behavior.“And these days, with more and more folks using their company’s internet connection for personal means, this kind of software is gonna be needed more and more.

How did they come upon the emails? According to the site, the Feds (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) gave it to them.

They’re also holding a few contests for who can dig up the most firable message, the funniest joke, and the best “Oh crap! I wish I hadn’t just sent that” emails from the database.