Discovery Channel’s “100 Greatest Americans” list

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Okay, I don’t know if you heard about this or not, but the Discovery Channel is running this “contest” to see who their viewers consider the 100 greatest Americans. They’ve made a list of 100 Americans and are asking the visitors to their site to rank them. I was looking over the list and found a bunch of folks, that for the life of me, I can’t figure out why the hell they’re on there. I mean they’re Americans, and they may have had some popularity, but they’re not “great”, they haven’t made any great contributions to our country, the world, society or the human race. So why are they on “the list”?

Here’s the list with they one’s I personally fell don’t belong marked in bold:
Ali, Muhammad
Angelou, Maya
Anthony, Susan B.
Armstrong, Lance
Armstrong, Neil
Ball, Lucille
Bell, Alexander Graham
Bush, Barbara – What did she do? She’s married to one former president and gave birth to another President. Big Whoop!

Bush, George H. W.
Bush, George W.
Bush, Laura
– Okay I don’t even get the Laura Bush thing here, kinda like the Barb thing. And don’t ya think it’s a little too early to making the call on the “Georges”?

Carnegie, Andrew
Carson, Johnny
Carter, Jimmy
Carver, George Washington
Charles, Ray
Chavez, Cesar
Clinton, Bill – Again I think it’s still too early to make this call. Time will tell.

Clinton, Hillary ???? You GOT to be kidding me…
Cosby, Bill
Cruise, Tom – He’s just a freakin’ actor. That’s it. Nothing nore, nothing less. He’s not trying to cure world hunger is he?

DeGeneres, Ellen – Okay, she’s funny. But one of our greatest Americans?

Disney, Walt
Douglass, Frederick
Earhart, Amelia
Eastwood, Clint – I like Clint, but he’s just an actor.
Edison, Thomas Alva
Edwards, John – This isn’t the “I talk to dead people” Edwards. This is the one who ran for VP last election. I still don’t know why he’s on the list.

Einstein, Albert
Eisenhower, Dwight
Favre, Brett – Can someone help me out here? Does he do a lot for charities or is he just there as one of the sports tokens?

Ford, Henry
Franklin, Benjamin
Gates, Bill
Gibson, Mel – “Bird on a wire”. I like Mel, but come on…

Giuliani, Rudolf
Glenn, John
Graham, Billy
Hamilton, Alexander
Hanks, Tom – I like Tom, and he might be a cherished American, but one of the greatest?

Hefner, Hugh
Hepburn, Katherine
Hope, Bob
Hughes, Howard
Jackson, Michael
Jefferson, Thomas
Jobs, Steve
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Jordan, Michael
Keller, Helen
Kennedy, John F.
Kennedy, Robert F.
Kennedy Onassis, Jacqueline
King Jr., Dr. Martin Luther
Limbaugh, Rush – Controversial yes, greatest, debatable.

Lincoln, Abraham
Lindberg, Charles
Lucas, George
Madonna – See Rush Limbaugh.

Malcolm X
McGraw, Dr. Phil – Um, nope. Sorry.

Monroe, Marilyn
Moore, Michael – See Rush Limbaugh

Murphy, Audie
Nixon, Richard
Obama, Barack
Owens, Jesse
Parks, Rosa
Patton, George
Powell, Colin
Presley, Elvis
Reagan, Ronald
Reeve, Christopher
Rice, Condoleezza – Hmmm I’m begining to think the Republican Party put this list together… 😉

Robinson, Jackie
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Franklin D
Roosevelt, Theodore
Ruth, Babe
Sagan, Carl
Salk, Jonas
Schwarzenegger, Arnold – Ummm, WTF?

Sinatra, Frank
Smith, Joseph
Spielberg, Steven
Stewart, Jimmy
Stewart, Martha – Nuthin says “Greatest American” like a conviction & prison time…

Tesla, Nikola
Tillman, Pat
Truman, Harry
Trump, Donald
Tubman, Harriet
Twain, Mark
Walton, Sam
Washington, George
Wayne, John
Winfrey, Oprah
Woods, Tiger
Wright, Orville & Wilbur
Yeager, Chuck

So you can see there are some folks that I can’t for the life of me figure out why they’re on the list. Maybe the DC should have made it the 50 greatest Americans and cut out some of the fluff?