Fresh Ice Cream while you wait

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Fresh MooBella ice cream while you wait
At the 2006 Demo Conference they had something very cool. MooBella has created a vending machine that will make you a customized Ice Cream scoop right in front of you. We’re not talking spitting out a pre-made scoop and tossing some toppings on it. Nope. We’re talking this puppy will mix together the fresh ingredients that you’ve selected, flash-freeze your selection and serve it right up to you in less than a minute.Pretty freakin’ cool huh? I have *got* to find one of these machines! If anyone finds one let us know what you think.On the technical side of the machine, you can select from 96 differnet combinations of flavors and toppings, it runs on Linux, and it’s smart enough to know that if it’s out of a topping or flavor to not display it as an option.There are videos of the system on both the MooBella under the “Click here to see what people are saying link” and at the 2006 Demo Conference site.