U.S. version of the IT Crowd pilot

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Wanna see something very bizarre? Here are three segments of the US version of the IT Crowd‘s pilot episode. And guess who’s playing the role of Roy?  Joel McHale from none other than E!‘s The Soup. Note how closely Joel sticks to the way the original actor (Chris O’Dowd) delivered the lines. It’s like Joel’s channeling Chris.

And guess who’s playing Moss? Yep, you guessed it, Richard Ayoade.. the same actor who played Moss in the UK version… told it was weird. But judge for yourself.

UPDATE (8/12/10 10:18AM): I managed to find the first segment, so you can at least watch that until they find it…I say the US pilot still sucks and they should just air the UK version over here…

UPDATE (8/12/10 12:03AM): Looks like the stooges at NBC/Universal got to youtube and had them take down the vids. Now worries though, just watch the original UK version’s 1st episode and enjoy the much better version. 🙂

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  1. abby

    I would so much rather they air the British version over here!!!! Richard Ayoade is hilarious, but as much as I like the Soup, Joel McHale shouldn't resort to sitcom television. Ugh! I'll stick to Netflixin'g the British version for sure

  2. difuoan

    First of all, I love The I.T. Crowd.
    It's one of my favourite series along with The Big Bang Theory, Futurama, Simpsons and of course Pinky and the Brain.
    Now, the video has been removed, but over here in Austria we have a German ( It's Austria, not Australia so don't get confused. ) version of the I.T. crowd and it sucks hard, so I guess I understand what everybody is complaining about.
    Here's a little example of what I mean (

    I'm not the kind of person who hates dubs, parodies or remakes, but the original really is better.

    Also (might be a little inappropriate, sorry), I thought I might give the community something to kill the time until the next season and made a Moss t-shirt which can be bought here ( http://www.zazzle.de/i_really_mean_fire_tshirt-23… / http://www.zazzle.de/difuoan ).