Mike Roe, HP & Pure Comedy Genius

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I was puttering around various laptop site today specing out various systems today and got a nice surprise when I hit the HP website. There on the front page was Mike Rowe from quite possibly my favorite TV show: Dirty Jobs.

I had to click on it to see more.

The page loads and I’m treated to a Mini Mike riffing some funny one liners at the top of the screen. Be sure to sit on the page awhile and see what Mike does. Make sure to revisit the page as the spiels change. Kudos to the team that put this together.

But we’re not even to the best part yet: the mini clips. There are several video clips on the page that at first I thought were just deleted scenes, but to my surprise are new “episodes”. Ol’ Barsky even made it (“Poo equals viewers” – Funny stuff Dave) They’re short sketches with Mike using the new HP tx2000z in various settings. You’ll see him working on the HP tx2000z in various “off-site” locations like the doctor’s office (“…stitches before I get cut?”), in his filthy motel room answering fan mail, lounging by the motel pool writing on the tx2000z, working with Barsky deciding which dirty job to do next and signing head shots for fans.

I’ve embedded one of the clips below, but be sure to check out the site and view the rest. They’re hilarious.