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Geek Fury Organic SFG Garden Progress – Mid May

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Overall the garden is progressing decently, but I’m noticing some slow growth with some of the plants. I think it has to do with our wild temperature swings lately.

We’ve been having days ranging in the mid-80s to low 90s and nights as low as the mid 40s occasionally. Most nights it gets down to the 60s though. But I’ve been noticing the eggplant hasn’t really grown much along with the basil. I think I’m gonna re-start them as well. I think they’ve been stunted. Next year I’m installing a ground warmer…

The cabbage is bolting. I know I have some lettuce bolting. darn. I also learned that I can’t plant the radishes in the same box as the cabbage. The cabbage tended to crowd the radishes and they never really formed well. I ended up with red roots for the most part and only a handful of fully developed radishes. So I’m replanting them in their own square today to see how they do this time.

I still want the radishes close to the cabbage though to help lure the bad bugs away from the cabbage. Of course if the cabbage is bolting, it doesn’t really matter then… 🙁

I’ve also noticed some kind of bug devouring my borage. Normally I’d be upset, but that’s why I planted the borage – to keep the bugs away from my other plants. I’m not sure what’s doing it though as I can never seem to find the bugs, I think they’re eating them at night. They don’t seem to be doing too much damage though as the borage is holding up well and growing strong.

That’s about it for now… off to restart some eggplant.

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      Cool thanks for the tips. I might do that next year. I was trying to grow some fresh lettuce for my father-in-law who’s supposed to be eating more salad, but since he’s kinda sworn off salads for now, I’ll probably build a separate lettuce garden next season. 🙂