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The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) & Ghost Hunters – All Crap Now?

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Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters

I consider myself a logical person, yet I accept that there is a lot in the universe we humans have yet to figure out and discover. I’m curious about the paranormal, but I tend to take a very skeptical approach to its existence. A few years ago I discovered the SyFy channel’s Ghost Hunters TV show.  I appreciated their approach in paranormal research – trying to find logical real world explanations for supposed paranormal activity.

Here was a group that wasn’t quick to declare a place “haunted”. In fact, most of the time if a place exhibited phenomenon that they were able to physically document, they would at most say it exhibited paranormal activity. I only remember them declaring a site “haunted” a few times in the first couple of seasons. I respected that. I mean how much detailed evidence can one collect in one short session?

Now I have to admit, I watch Ghost Hunters and some of the other paranormal shows out there for entertainment for the most part. I’ll admit, some of the stuff they’ve “caught” over the years is definitely interesting and has made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. But I think I don’t believe anything they present as evidence anymore.

Ghost Hunters Academy

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My suspicions started when they came out with Ghost Hunters International. Were they going to saturate the genre? Would they be able to fill the extra hour with valid evidence. Well, of course they could find more evidence, there are buildings in Europe older than America, so they’d have some great locations to research.

Then they added Ghost Hunters Academy. At this point I knew they were going for the money – Franchiseville. Now they had three shows and they all depended on content that was not under the direct control of the producers. Spirits and other strange happenings don’t respond to a director yelling “Action!”. The whole series depends on them finding “evidence” that give audiences the chills each week. That’s a tough thing to do, especially when your crew has no control over the main “star” of the show –  the paranormal.

I remember thinking to myself when I heard about GH Academy – “Jeeze, how are they going to deliver decent paranormal activity for these noobs each week? I bet they’re gonna start faking stuff now just to keep up the ratings”. I mean a lot of money and jobs were now tied to delivering spooky stuff each week. Who would want to watch a show where three weeks in a row there wasn’t anything cool to see? No one, right?

But then I remembered the early seasons of Ghost Hunters where they were very reluctant to declare any place haunted. Surely they wouldn’t sell out, but then again Grant and Jason did just buy that nice hotel

As we all know most people don’t take paranormal activity seriously, nor do they believe in it. Let alone does the main stream scientific community. For this field to be taken seriously, fake findings, “Evidence” and other shenanigans need to be stamped out. The more BS out there that is presented as fact, taints the credibility of the whole field.

Well image my anger a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon the interview with Donna Lacroix and the Ghost Divas. You know the one where she claims that Grant, Jason and the GH production staff are faking some of their evidence.

It sparked my interest. Nobody likes to be lied to especially when it tarnishes the reputation of people who are truly trying to better the reputation of paranormal research. Her interview made me call into question all I had seen on GH. How much, if anything, had they faked? Was the whole show fake now? So I began searching and came across several interesting videos analysing Ghost Hunter footage.

So now I’m wondering just how much of GH *is* fake? I don’t know now so I gotta throw all of it out. I continued to watch the show for its entertainment value only.

I still watch because I am fascinated by the paranormal – not enough to actually do an investigation myself though. I’ve done enough research to know it’s something one has to properly prepare to do correctly. Cowboy Investigating doesn’t do anyone any good. I’ve heeded the warnings by experienced investigators about partial/full possessions, spirit attachments and other nasty stuff I don’t want to mess with right now. Remember – we’re dealing with the unknown of some supposedly nasty stuff. I’d rather be the tech guy. 🙂

When I was preparing for this article tonight, I ran across an interesting post by the Ghost Divas calling Donna Lacroix’s credibility into question.

Now I don’t know who to believe anymore. So I guess the safest thing to do is believe no one. “Trust no one” as Mulder used to say. 😉

The thing that pisses me off the most is what kind of damage will this do to the field of paranormal research. Let’s face it, it doesn’t have the best reputation as it is. And all these paranormal TV shows popping up (Just look at the Bio Channel’s line up) I don’t think it’s a good thing. Some of these shows will fake their footage. It’s inevitable. Money talks and ratings = money.

So here I am, not sure of any of it. The good thing about all of this is that the Net has a good BS detector, and liars don’t last too long around here. If Ghost Hunters is faking their evidence, they better remember – we’re all watching. Lies will be exposed. Sure some of these people tossing stones at Ghost Hunters will have an axe to grind, but most will simply be truth seekers.

Long live the truth and the Internets 😉

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  1. Mary Holtz

    I don't understand how I missed the answer to my question but i was wondering what happened to Steve and his cohort Dave Tango. Are they still with the group or have they gone off on their own? I really liked both of them.

    1. Post

      I think they're doing GH Academy now but I don't know if they're only on GHA exclusively or not. I watched the new episode of GH last night and didn't see them. I like Steve and Tango too, they're probably my favorite GH crew members…although Kris Williams is easy on the eyes lol.

  2. Bob

    Of course it's fake. Too many dollars ride on fabricating evidence. Sure, they can say, "oh, nobody was in the next room, and there's no natural explanation for sound xyz" but ultimately, I have to take their word for it because the show that hits the airwaves is probably less than %5 of their footage (and naturally they probably don't film themselves fabricating crap).

    Example? Hellfire Caves. Remember the light at the end of the tunnel? Now, they SAID, "nobody was down there" and they showed like 15 seconds before and after, but ultimately you have to take their word for it if you want to believe. The believers will take their word at face value. I can't do that — especially since there's a gravy train at stake. All it takes is a flashlight, a fixed camera, and a poker face to give believers the confirmation they want.

    Same with the chair moving in the Lighthouse — the shot was dark and grainy enough that somebody could have been sitting in the dark with some (dark, braided, low-test) fishing line before the footage they showed the client, waited a few minutes after Grant(?) left the room, and gave the fishing line a little tug. Same with the K2 quackery — how do I know that that thing even does what they say it does in the first place, much less that they don't have a magnetic source off-camera?

    I can be fairly described as a pretty hardcore paranormal TV junkie. I've watched well over half of pretty much all the paranormal shows that have aired in the US, and even Most Haunted (lol) when I can find an Epi to stream online and I'm drunk and bored. Through all the paranormal TV I've watched, I've yet to see a single piece of "evidence" that can't be explained as apophenia (the EVPs especially are classic apophenia) or outright fabrication.

  3. Jason

    This reminds me that I was actually planning on writing an article somewhat like this, only I was was going to include some of my own experiences in the TAPS family (I refer to it as more of a mafia). I was with the International Paranormal Reporting Group based out of Nampa, Idaho. They were formerly known as the Idaho Spirit Seekers, then they joined the TAPS mafia, I mean cult, I mean family… We were investigating the Geiser Grand in Baker City, Oregon, and it was a public investigation (participants paid 50 dollars to investigate). It was my second investigation, and Marie (leader of this bunch) told me that even if I didn't know something, just act like I did so it would be convincing. Shortly after that, I left for a plethora of reasons, which I plan on writing about soon. It does seem that TAPS wants to monopolize the paranormal world.

  4. Ghosts_Are_Not_Real

    It's all fake. I used to really like the Bio channel but haven't been watching much television recently, so I didn't realize it has got as bad as it now is.

    I wanted to see some good old fashioned nonfiction programming on this lazy saturday, and I turned to the BioHD channel. The line up goes "Psychic Investigators," "Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal," "Haunted History" (2X), "Celebrity Ghost stories," ETC…on and on, "paranormal" show after faked paranormal show, for 15 straight hours (in addition to all the hours it has already been going on). The fantasy train doesn't end until 4 a.m., when a biography on John Stamos begins, followed promptly by "Paid Programming."

    Are there really so many people out there to warrant such levels of faked programming, and even if there are why would the "Biography" channel be airing them? I mean I know faked television is all the rage nowadays: Look how many "reality" shows are still going strong despite the wide-known fact that all of them are contrived and staged. But for a channel that once upon a time had some of the best, most intelligent documentaries to devote such amounts of time to made up drivel, it really shows something about the state of media these days.

    Sorry. Geekrage over.

  5. Tess

    I stayed at the Geiser Grand in Baker Oregon and in my experience it is definitely haunted. In addition to that it's owner is a witch. She refused to reimburse me for the very difficult and sleepless night my husband and I spent in a room where not only was the mattress as hard as cement, but had significant activity. I didn't know it was haunted until I stayed there. Did Taps capture any of this activity? I haven't seen the episode.