New Apple IPhones May be Able to Protect Themselves

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According to Chris Foresman at Arstechnica.com, future iPhones may be able to protect themselves and warn their users sorta like Lo-Jack. Apple has applied for a patent on a method to differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users of a particular iOS device. Once an unauthorized user is detected, the device can then automatically disable certain features or send notifications to …

Comcast Lies to the FCC About Throttling P2P

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Wired.com reports (read whole article) that Comcast admitted last Friday that, contrary to its former statement to the FCC, it does actually throttle traffic through certain protocols. Comcast came clean with the Federal Communications Commission late Friday, detailing how it throttled and targeted peer-to-peer traffic — maneuvers it has repeatedly denied. The cable concern said (.pdf) it indeed hit “particular …

Google Launches User-Created Web Encyclopedia

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Digitaltrends.com Google Launches User-Created Web Encyclopedia ABC News – 42 minutes ago By ASHLEY PHILILPS Google, in a challenge to Wikipedia, has created a user-generated online encyclopedia called Knol that identifies its writers instead of keeping them anonymous. Google develops Wikipedia rival CNET News.com Google to Wikipedia: “Knol” thine enemy Ars Technica Computerworld – BusinessWeek – PC World – eFluxMedia …