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How to clean an entire bag of potatoes in a minute

In this handy video, Russian Blogger – “Crazy Russian Hacker” show how you can easily & quickly peel an entire bag of potatoes in less than a minute with just some simple household items. I haven’t tried this myself but I’m interested in how it turns out if any of you try it.

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LEGO to make LOTR and Hobbit toys
LEGO logo

Warner Bros. Consumer Products and The LEGO Group announced on December 16, 2011 their partnership to produce LEGO toys based upon the Lord of the Rings franchise and the upcoming Hobbit movies. Look for the toys to hit the shelves around June 2012.

Read more from the official press release.


Math Geek Elevator
Math Nerd Elevator Buttons

I'm thinking this is in some math building on a coillege campus somewhere...

Instant Zombies [video]

Wanna see something really cool? Check out this clip from Rampant Design Tools on how they took an average old guy and with a little digital magic, turned him into a zombie.

21 More Cool & Funny T Shirts with a Star Wars Theme

Here are some more funny and cool T Shirts with a Star Wars theme. Enjoy.

The Empire [The Office / Star Wars Parody]

Wish it was longer…

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